5 Travel Tips on Business Packing

  • Do you travel for your business?
  • Do you often find yourself rushing last minute and packing in a hurry?
  • Do you get to your destination and realise you have left something behind?
  • Do you pack things you never wear?
  • Do you find yourself ‘stuck’ with going from business to dinner wear?

These are some of the issues I hear time and again from business women who travel for their work interstate and/or internationally.  These tips will help you to nail ‘business packing and make a memorable impact’ on your clients whilst saving you frustration and feeling ‘out of sorts’ for not packing the right items and turning up for a meeting feeling awkward and uncomfortable.















Tip #1

Create a plan.  Once you have a written plan you will never forget what to pack and you’ll always have a guide that tells you what to do.

Part of this plan is to write out what you are going to wear for each day you are away including your travel outfit.  Remember to also include:

  • accessories
  • toiletries
  • miscellaneous items like your passport, address of your hotel, a book or magazine to read on the plane etc.

Tip #2

Simplify the plan. Do what you can to ‘mix n match’ so that you are not bringing a different pair of shoes for each day.  Can your skirt/pants/jacket be used multiple times? Ask yourself this question in relation to each of the items you have written on your list.

Yes it will take a bit of time and effort initially however it will save you time and frustration further down the track.

Tip #3

You can write or type your plan. It doesn’t matter – just do it and then add or subtract from it as you ‘fine tune’ it after a few trips.

This is an important step – you must review your plan regularly and update it until you feel you have added all the possibilities.

Tip #4

Remember just because it’s on your list doesn’t mean you will always pack it.  Once you have a complete list you can then choose what to bring depending on the type of trip, the number of days you are away, what the weather is like, if there is a social element – or maybe you will use it as a guide for your upcoming holiday.

I use my list all the time for any kind of travel and I find it very useful because I don’t have to think about what to do and it ensures I don’t forget the little things like dental floss or a scarf for the cold air on the plane and so on.


Tip# 5

File your plan for your future reference.  You could keep it in your filing cabinet,  you could leave it in your suitcase (make sure you keep a copy at home) or you might place a copy of it inside your cupboard door – just anywhere that you will easily find it again.





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