Trend Alert – 80’s bomber jackets are back


80’s Bomber Jackets are back! and are perfect for spring weather.

You may have worn one in the 80’s or maybe you are interested in how to wear it now.  Either way it is a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for:

  • Something interesting, fun and different
  • Something to keep out the chill in the air
  • Something that is easy to throw on over jeans/dress/skirt

I personally love this trend and opted in winter to go for something that was a basic colour (black) and was also slightly unique in that it was a longer jacket which was perfect for keeping more of me warm.  This black bomber jacket has been very versatile for work and for casual wear.  I wore it almost every day from the day I bought it.











Below is an outfit which I am showing how I put it together to achieve the final photo.






















The spring bomber jackets are lighter in weight and more colourful often with Asian influenced patterns – so many to choose from and in all sorts of colours. 

Here are some from Zara:




















Here’s an example of a patterned bomber jacket over a skirt and top.











You can also opt for a Bomber jacket that is a solid colour like black, maroon or khaki (these ones are also from Zara.) All are great basic colours which you can wear with a lot of variety.










Take the khaki bomber jacket for example.  You can easily wear it over:

  • Jeans and a t-shirt











  • Add a black belt, some patterned shoes and a kerchief for some colour or you could choose to wear a sneaker in a plain colour like black, white, or maroon (which works in really well with khaki).  Experiment according to your personal taste.









  • Alternatively, you could wear the khaki bomber jacket over a dress and add the kerchief and patterned shoes from above to give it an interesting look.











  • Shops to find bomber jackets in include ASOS (online), Veronika Maine, Cue and Sportsgirl.


Overwhelmed by choice of which 80’s inspired bomber jacket to buy?  Here are some tips on how to choose/wear your Bomber Jacket:

  • Choose a Bomber jacket that has colours which you already wear a lot of – this is one way to ensure it will work ‘in’ with what you already have at home
  • Wear it with jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt that is also one of the colours in your new bomber jacket
  • Wear it over an all black ensemble as I have done in the pictures above adding accessories if it is plain in colour.  If the bomber jacket you choose is already colourful then maybe add a bag and/or shoes in one of the colours in the jacket.

If you are ready for a change and simply know you would like a guiding hand with:

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  • Shopping to make the best choices for your shape and colour
  • Updating your business style and outfits
  • Shining Confidently as you choose clothes and accessories that have YOU looking your absolute best

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