Meet Dina

Dina’s creative spark and pure joy for all things Fashion started at an early age.

When she was just 5 years old, she was already pouring over countless fashion magazines and designing her own clothes (which her expert seamstress mother would make for her).

From those childhood days filling scrapbooks with clothes she adored, Dina began a lifelong fashion journey that would see her explore various aspects of the fashion world, including being a model, fashion designer, personal stylist and fashion assistant at some of Australia’s premier events, including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Rosemount Fashion Week, working with many of Australia’s leading fashionistas.

Combine that wealth of fashion experience and passion with more than two decades in senior roles in events, management, training and education, plus her extensive coaching, mentoring and counseling qualifications, including Bachelor of Social Work, Advanced Corporate Coach and Performance Consultant Accreditation from internationally recognized coaching bodies, and you have a seasoned professional possessing a unique blend of fashion savvy, mentoring skills and an insight into the demands placed on working women today.

In short, you have the Fashion Whisperer… someone who is more than simply a stylist. With warmth, humor and insight, Dina will help you define, enhance and develop your own personal style and expression through fashion. And it will feel effortless, uplifting and fun.

Dina has a global fashion perspective, having traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. She is an accredited Stylist with The Australian College of Professional Styling and is a lecturer at FBI Fashion and Business Institute.  Dina has also worked with the likes of Kelvin Harries (prominent Sydney Stylist for David Jones) and Miro (front-of-house  and seating specialist for international fashion shows in Australia, New York, New Zealand and Dubai).

Dina takes particular interest in working with professional women between the ages of 35-60 who currently feel at a loss as to how to make a Unique Impact in the competitive world of corporate, business and their personal lives. We all form opinions of each other within the first 3-7 seconds. Dina KNOWS from personal experience and through her clients how what we wear can attract or repel people. Be the person who attracts; take action NOW by filling in the form in the top right hand corner of this page NOW!

Industry Testimonial

Dina Bonke has worked with my team on a number of projects, including behind the scenes at Rosemount Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion week, as well as during the production of one of my MIROSLAV promotional videos. She’s an asset to have on your team because she is committed, hard working, has great attention to detail and a natural flair and love for fashion, which shows through in everything she does!


Miro House

David Jones Fashion Parade 2016





















Dina at FBI College Student Parade 2015











Dina and friend at Fashion Design Studio’s Student Parade 2015











Dina with Volunteers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2015

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Dina presenting  on the importance of image in business 2015

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Dina at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015


Dina with Volunteers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014







Volunteers from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2013







Dina working ‘behind the scenes for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2013







Dina with Volunteers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013










Dina with former Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements, at a reading of her book ‘The Vogue Factor” at the NSW Art Gallery, Sydney


Dina and Assistant Volunteer Managers and On-site Venue Co-ordinator – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013










Dina and Lizzie Renkert, Editor, Madison Magazine 2012








Dina and Louise Birdsall (Team Seal, The Voice 2012) at Vogue’s Fashion Night out 6th September 2012








Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2012 , Sydney, Australia

Dina, Miro, Kelvin Harries, Farah, Sarah Jane, Helen, Nicki, Ricki and all the team from Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival










Dina, Pete, Farah and the Volunteer Team

Back of House preparations

Models ready themselves for the catwalk










Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012 , Sydney, Australia

Miro (Miro House) and Dina                    Andrew Scott (Miro House) and Dina









Joh Bailey (iconic hairdresser) and Dina










Akira (Iconic Fashion Designer)  and Nicholas Huxley (head of TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio) and Dina waiting for the runway show to commence.










Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival 2011, Sydney, Australia

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney, Australia, 2011

Rosemount Fashion Week 2011, Sydney, Australia

Rosemount Fashion Week, Sydney, Australia, 2011