How to know the right length for your pants and jeans


How do you know the ‘right’ length for your jeans and pants when they need altering?

Have you ever had them adjusted by a tailor only to find they are too short?  This has happened to me on several occasions and I have not been happy. 🙁  It’s then been difficult for me to find a shoe in my wardrobe that has the ‘right’ heel height to match the length of these jeans or work pants.   Consequently they have either been too long or too short with my chosen shoe having me feel out of sorts and generally not wearing my jeans or work pants.

To ensure you don’t have this same frustrating experience, I am here to help you with your ‘heel to pant/jean length’ ratio.

  • 5 Tips on how to know the right length for your pants and jeans

  • 1. Decide on the shoes (and therefore height) with which you want to wear your pants/jeans.  It’s unrealistic to wear the one pair of pants/jeans with a high heel and the following week with a a flat walking shoe.  The exception is seen in the following picture – skinny jeans can be worn with high or flat heeled shoes.

woman legs in blue jeans and pink high heel shoes blue background

female legs in boots marching

  • 2. Once you have made the decision on which shoe you want to wear with your pants/jeans you can then take them to a tailor.  Here I suggest you walk around at the tailor’s in your pants/jeans to ensure they are ‘sitting’ on your body in a natural way.  No point pulling them up if they drop a few millimeters once you sit/walk.  Basically get them ‘sitting’ on you in the way that you would be wearing them at the office or walking down the street to meet your friend for coffee.
  • 3. When the tailor starts to pin them up, double check they are the length with which you are comfortable. This can vary depending on your personal preference.  For me, if I am wearing a high heel then I want my pants to sit almost at the bottom of the heel as in the pictures below.  Some women like it mid-way. It’s your choice.

Business woman clothing. Woman in office clothes vector illustrationFotolia_111646691_S

Personally I find the length below too short for a wide leg pant.

Close-up of business woman feet wearing black shoes standing together isolated on white background

  • 4. When I have jeans/pants adjusted for flat shoes, once again my preference is that the length sits quite close to the heel  of my shoe.

Standing woman. Isolated on white background.

  • 5. A special note: if you are wearing 3/4 length or skinny jeans that taper in at the ankle, then length may not be an issue for the heel height of your shoes.


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