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 My client is a business owner in the financial services industry. She does a combination of work from home and at her client’s offices and so it’s important she has clothes to reflect her professionalism when working with her clients.

On a gorgeous sunny day in the beautiful suburb of Randwick, I conducted a 3 hour wardrobe audit.  What did we do, I hear you asking?

We went through everything that was hanging in her cupboards and decided what to keep.

We had two piles on the bed – the ‘let go’ pile, and the ‘maybe’ pile which we came back to at the end of the audit.  The beauty of the ‘maybe’ pile is that it allows me to keep it aside whilst looking at what else is in the wardrobe that could make it work.

This saved my client time and money – time that she doesn’t need to spend to go looking or shopping for anything new and money because she already has things in her wardrobe that work…it’s all a matter of having the Fashion Whisperer ‘eye’ during the Wardrobe Audit.

Let’s begin!

Let’s begin!

The ‘let go’ and ‘maybe piles’

The ‘let go’ and ‘maybe piles’

Decisions, Decisions..- what to keep/let go

Decisions, Decisions..- what to keep/let go


Highlight…3 looks with one skirt!

Highlight…3 looks with one skirt!


One of the highlight’s for the afternoon was working with my client to ‘re-invigorate’ a three year old skirt which she could no longer find a use for, even though it was still in good condition.  As you can see above, with different shoes, bags, jewellery and tops, we were able to create three new looks, using other elements  of her existing wardrobe and my client was thrilled and excited at this outcome.   Check out her testimonial on the Testimonials page.


Michelle is in Senior Management within the Department of Health, NSW and found she was continually at a ‘loss’ in terms of:

  • what colours suited her,
  • what were the best clothes to wear for her shape;
  • how to mix ‘n match items within her wardrobe and
  • spent way too much time trying to figure it all out!

To the rescue came Fashion Whisperer, Dina Bonke, who conducted a Colour and Shape Analysis and Wardrobe Audit.

Decision, Decisions – what to keep and what to let go!

The outcome was:

  • clothes in Michelle’s wardrobe are now the ones that ‘work’ for her;
  • she is clear on the colours that suit her skin, hair and eyes;
  • she knows the shapes that flatter her figure the most;
  • she has a range of ‘new’ looks through my showing her how to add accessories and wear different colours together. For example,look at the following photos – a white skirt….3 different looks with different accessories and three different tops. We had so much Fun!

Also see below…same white skirt and shirt…different accessories for a different look!


















Michelle then took up the opportunity to do a Savvy Styling shopping experience with me, the Fashion Whisperer, and following are some ‘before and after’ pics.  She looks 10 years younger just by choosing different styles and colours!!

For a Wedding….

Before                                      After










And options if it gets cool! 🙂










For her 3 year old niece’s Birthday Bash!

Before                                       After











Jane is a small business owner from Sydney who mostly works from home and also meets clients face to face.  Jane wanted to update her wardrobe and wear clothes that were comfortable and which she felt good in.  This was particularly important when she was popping out to the shops or picking up her children from school. Jane knew her image in whatever she was doing was important for her self-esteem as well as her business impact.
























Anne is a retired Regional Manager, Department of Employment and Training, Queensland.  She wanted to make more use of  her various accessories to enhance the ‘look’ of some of her favorite outfits and give her more options.  We had a lot of fun ‘experimenting’ and here is the result with just one dress!


















Disha – Sales Executive

Before (Work Wear)










After (Work Wear)












Business to Evening for the traveling CEO



Sarah (Business Owner, Migration Firm)

Before (business wear)









After (business wear)

DSC04222 (2)DSC04231



























Kirana (Business Owner, Heal Heart with Art)

Before (exhibition wear)











After (exhibition wear)

20151002_105028 20151002_102524 (2)20151002_102537 (2)








Jewellery Kirana is wearing with this outfit – all from Dinosaur Design











Elena (Business Owner, Coach)

Choosing colours that work best and deciding between Autumn

20160117_100052 (2) crop20160117_100013 (2) crop


and Winter

20160117_100457 (2)crop 20160117_100210 (2)crop








With her dark hair, dark eyes and light/beige skin, Elena is definitely more Winter than Autumn.  The pink and purple colours make her face look brighter, healthier, clearer and give off an air of Confidence.  Whereas the warmer tones of autumn seem to put her face in a type of shadow and make her look less certain of herself.  Using scarves and then taking a photo is a great way to determine what really works.

Before (Autumn colours)

20160117_132405 20160117_132414










After (Winter colours)

20160117_132819 20160117_132828