Professional Styling for your Photo Shoots (corporate, weddings, websites)

  • So many people waste money having a Professional Photo Shoot done prior to receiving the right advice regarding the best or most appropriate clothing choices so that their photos make the desired impact.
  • I so often see photos of women that show a crooked scarf/necklace or lack impact through incorrect colour choices.
  • For men I sometimes see that their tie is crooked or their shirt sleeve is seeping out past the end of the jacket arms which is long as they are even!
  • When your images are less than their potential  or flawed in some way you have wasted your well earned money…not to mention being disappointed.
  • Be  proactive..and avoid these disappointments by calling  the Fashion Whisperer first on 0418 723 008 or send an email to

Below are 3 Options to assist you in choosing which is the best level of service that will work for you

D_web_2Option 1 – Basic:

Review of chosen outfits for photo shoot via Skype video (max 1 hr). This includes:

  • Gaining clarity –  discuss the purpose and desired outcome you want from the photo shoot
  • Look at options together – review your chosen outfits  and where appropriate,
  • Offer suggestions or alternatives – consider changes and then confirm the chosen outfits

Cost:  $197



D_web_3Option 2 – Premium package:

Includes all of Option 1 as the starting point and then…adds another step ( Dina I can’t see where this adds… need greater distinction here… Think action words – verbs stronger than nouns

  • Preparation – work with client via email or Skype to choose relevant outfits for review (up to 2 hours)
  • Distinctions – choose best outfits to wear relevant to the type of shots being taken (ie head only, full body etc)
  • Confidence – review final outfits via a follow up Skype video call or photos via email

Cost $347


D_web_5Option 3 – Platinum package:

  • Includes  Option 1, and 2 and
    Ensure quality outcome – attend the photo shoot as an overseer to prevent any minor hiccups and to  ensure that all goes according to plan  (in Sydney locations only)
  • Be on hand – assist with all clothing changes
  • Make any final Adjustments – make any final adjustments needed on the day or throughout the shoot

Cost: $497



Call me NOW on 0418723008 or email and let’s get started working together to ensure you Shine in all aspects of your life.