The Three Step Savvy Styling System

You can easily get yourself started on the road to knowing and owning your personal image and style with my Three Step Savvy Styling System package.  I have outlined below what each step includes as well as the bonus items .

Step 1 – Personal Style Consult (approx 30-45 mins via skype or phone)

This consult is an opportunity for YOU to clarify your outcomes.  Some of the points we cover include:

  • Clarifying your desired outcomes
  • Exploring past frustrations (what hasn’t worked for you in the past)
  • Determining what you like/don’t like in clothes (e.g. clingy materials, no pants)
  • Discussing why you no longer like or don’t wear certain purchases
  • Prioritising particular aspects of your lifestyle that you may want to focus on
  • And more! The consult is designed to determine and achieve your specific goals and desired outcomes and have fun in doing so.

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Step 2 – Wardrobe Review (approx 90 mins-3 hours)

The Wardrobe Review includes:

  • Reviewing your existing wardrobe – what to keep, what to let go
  • Learning how to maximise different ‘looks’ with your existing wardrobe
  • Creating a list of ‘gaps’ that the Savvy Shopping Experience can fulfil
  • Discovering how to make the most of your accessories
  • Creating a ‘look-book’ with existing options using your iphone
  • Investigating how best to re-organise your cupboards so that you can more easily find something to wear!

Below are pictures from a Wardrobe Audit recently conducted with a client.

clothes on bed MichelleThe ‘let go’ and ‘maybe piles’

Michelle WA holding clothescupboard 2















Step 3 – Savvy Shopping Experience (approx 2-4 hours)

The Savvy Shopping Experience includes:

  • A 4-5 hour pre-shop by me based on what we have agreed as your outcomes. This is done BEFORE we meet for your Savvy Shopping Experience. This saves you both time and money as I’ve already scouted out the best shops for YOU to go to achieve YOUR desired outcomes.
  • More benefits!!! Then we explore and shop together discovering what I’ve found and what you like.







Additional Value added – BONUSES!

  • Bonus 1 – Body Shape Conversation and Guide
    Discuss your body shape so you know the best style of clothes that will flatter you.  This can really save you time and money when you know what to look for when shopping.  You will also feel more confident and radiant knowing you look your absolute best in clothes that are just right for you and your body shape AND
  • Receive a shape style guide with information and pictures to make it easy and practical for you.


















  • Bonus 2 – Colour Conversation and Card
    Find out which colours make you come alive.
    Use your colour card when shopping to ensure you are making the right choices.
Colour Card


(colour chart courtesy of








  • Bonus 3 – Wardrobe Integration
    Another practical home visit that you will love where we will spend time together integrating your new purchases into your wardrobe.  We spend time ensuring you know how to wear them and mix ‘n match them with your existing clothes – a thorough update lasting up to 2 hours in duration.
  • Update your ‘look book’ on your iphone so you can easily reference how to wear your new combinations.











  • Bonus 4 – Personalised Report

This 20+ page “Personal Style Bible” includes juicy details such as:

  • Colours that work Best for you with examples and specific references to your Colour Card
  • How to dress for your shape – the tips and tricks with examples of the right style of clothes for you
  • It incorporates photos we have taken of yourself and your wardrobe for the purpose of highlighting specific points made
  • Before and After photos (these are always exciting to see)
  • Where to shop
  • Your action plan – what are some of the things you need to do right now
  • and more!

The 3 Step Savvy Styling System is a bundled package which means you get huge savings by purchasing the 3 steps as a package. It is a more cost effective investment for you than buying each step individually – which of course is still an option for you to do.

The package pricing includes Steps 1, 2, 3 and all the bonus items:

Step 1: Personal Style Consult……………………….$127
Step 2: Wardrobe Audit ……………………………….$327
Step 3: Savvy Shopping Experience…………………$547
Value                                                        $1001

Bonus Items
Bonus 1: Body Shape Conversation and Guide…….$97
Bonus 2: Colour Conversation and Card…………..$127
Bonus 3: Wardrobe Integration……………………….$297
Bonus 4: Personalised Report………………………..$347
Value                                                        $868

TOTAL VALUE:                                           $1869

  • That’s $1869 of value when you buy the 3 Step Savvy Styling System package for ONLY $997!

  • Paid in Full: $997

  • Payment Plan: Deposit: $500; Final Payment $497 due within 14 days of deposit


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