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Business Owner – Hypno Birthing Australia and Mum, Gold Coast


Sales Executive, Sydney


Business Owner, Immigration, Sydney


Business Owner – Breese Dynamics, Sydney


Business and Corporate Coach, Sydney


Business Coach, Sydney


Tax Lawyer, Sydney


Business Owner and Mum – Pallet Logistics, Gosford


Business Owner – Heal Heart with Art


Business Coach – The Business Kitty, Sydney


Senior Management, Department of Health, Sydney (Wadrobe Audit)


Senior Management, Department of Health, Sydney (What peope are saying)


Senior Management, Department of Health, Sydney (Shopping Trip)


Communications and Marketing Specialist, Sydney (Styling for Personal Photo Shoot)


Long Haul Flight Attendant, Quantas, Sydney


Executive Director, Independent Associate Mannatech Australasia. QLD

You only have to look at Dina to know she oozes personal style. Having known Dina for over a decade I know that her passion is fashion and trust her deeply in this area. I have had Dina do wardrobe audits for me several times.

She helps me work with what I’ve got, gives me great ideas for combinations I wouldn’t have explored, and provides me guidance on what I can add to simply expand my combination choices and express my unique style.

My shopping trips with Dina are also fun and magic. She’s gentle but firm which works for me. Sometimes you have to let go or step up. Dina is my person of choice for my style advice.


Educational Consultant, Gold Coast

Dear Dina,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the ‘Fashion Whisperer’ tips you provided for me, via my husband Anthony.

You really nailed the style that I’m into. Every shop/label you suggested were right up my alley – it was quite amazing. I was so glad to have your advice about where to look. As a Mum, I’d lost touch with what’s in fashion and without your guidance, I think I would have been quite bewildered by the choice available at Pitt St Westfield, Sydney

To illustrate just how spot on your advice was, I bought from the shops you suggested! I picked up a leather jacket and a black blazer at Armani Exchange, 2 dresses from Leona Edminston, a top from Thurley a few funky Ts from Sass and Bide as well as two pairs of boots.

I had a fantastic time looking and your ideas truly smoothed the way to a very fruitful shopping trip. Thank you!

Anthony (Monica’s husband)

Business Owner, Gold Coast

I have been meaning to write to you Dina  for the last three weeks.  The truth is that I haven’t stopped thinking about the weekend I recently had with my wife in Sydney. The contribution you made was fantastic; it provided Monica with a clear purpose for the weekend and your analysis, suggestions and style recommendations set the boundaries for what was one of the most amazing weekends we have had together. And, I have you to thank for that.

I was so impressed with your approach right from our first conversation. The detailed investigation you undertook to understand what Monica was like; the clothes she would normally wear, the style of woman she was. It was good for me to have to think about it and answer these questions. And, the preceding detailed game plan for a funky and designer girl’s weekend of fashion and shopping in the best spots in Sydney was brilliant!  From a husband’s perspective it was very special to have your level of customised service to craft the weekend experience I was hoping to provide my wife as a birthday treat. In fact, it turned out to be far better that I could have ever expected. Thank you! 🙂


Director, Health Industry, Melbourne

I used to have too many clothes in my wardrobe but still seemed to have ‘nothing to wear’! And even if I did have something in mind to wear – I’d be lucky to find it in the overcrowded cupboards and drawers.

Dina did the most fantastic style and wardrobe review and gave me the courage to ‘move on’ all my outdated and/or unworn clothes and gave me great ideas on how to style my new streamlined wardrobe items, as well as some ideas for careful buys that would update my look, whilst making use of favourite classics

This saved me time and money cause I could use what I already had and knew exactly what I needed to buy when shopping.
Dina even took away with her the unwanted clothes – knowing that a hoarder like me might go through the pile and start feeling sentimental!

Thanks Dina for a wonderful service.


School Teacher,  Melbourne

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What a wonderful and uplifting experience. In three hours Dina put together whole outfits that could be mixed and matched, with shoes, accessories and lots of fantastic advice on getting the look.

Like most mothers, my life is very busy looking after the family’s needs and I had well and truly neglected mine. I didn’t keep up with fashion and due to changes in body shape and getting older, I always felt frumpy. Dina has helped me to understand what suits my body shape and my age. I certainly was out of my comfort zone trying on outfits that I would never have dreamed would look any good on me – boy was I wrong! The compliments I have received have boosted my self confidence. I love my new wardrobe; before I never had anything decent to wear now I have a choice.

I can’t wait for the summer shop.


Business Coach, Sydney
If you ever have the chance to work with Dina Bonke, you will be blown away by her fashionista magic! Dina gives it to you straight, if you wana look good and attract more of the right people in to your life, working with this Fashion Whisperer is a must. You will leave with easy-to-follow practical steps to bring the fabulous out of you, in a way you never could have on your own. Even those who think they have the style thing all sorted, you will most likely be surprised at the gains you will get from working with Dina.


Business and Corporate Coach, Sydney
I had Dina the Fashion Whisperer style me this week and it was fabulous!  I’ve been wearing new outfits all week – and the beautiful thing is that they are all clothes and shoes I already had but I just did not know how to wear them.  She also gave me great advice on what to wear for a photo shoot for pics for my website and sourced some accessories online for me that we had discussed I needed to buy.  It was just sublime.  Thanks Dina!


Communication and Marketing Specialist, Sydney
Ever wanted to get some studio or professional shots done and not sure where to start? Well that was me a few weeks ago. I’d chosen the photographer and been given some good tips as to what to avoid in clothing styles and looks. Having chosen a package that included ONE wardrobe change, I set about perusing my wardrobe options.  With a background in marketing I knew the importance of the outfits chosen to convey the impressions I wanted. As I looked at my wardrobe I realised I did not have the expertise to maximise the investment I was about to make in having a professional photo shoot.  I’d seen too many good studio shots that were unimaginative and I did not want to make the same mistake.

So I called Dina, the  Fashion Whisperer and took her photo styling option. I am so pleased that I did. Working with Dina I was able to put together two quite different looks, ones that I am confident will deliver the image that I want to convey and in colours and textures that will work perfectly on camera. Dina’s eye for detail and creative approach made these sessions fun and had me thinking quite differently about how items of clothing can work together…All done over skype,  in the comfort of my own home.   Thanks Dina, I am now off to a flying start with my photographic session.


Artist, Sydney

Thanks to your pre-shopping I easily found the right hand bag for me. THANK YOU! And I even had time to buy some lingerie; I feel like a new woman now. With all the new clothes and jewellery that you have helped me buy, my confidence has increased, I feel great about myself and I have had many comments from people who feel/ say I look like  I am  going really really well which is true.  I am moving more into the corporate market and am able to charge a higher rate for my services. My experiences in working with you and doing the wardrobe audit and shopping trips has given me a new look which makes me feel more congruent with where I am wanting to take my business.  I already signed one new big contract! 🙂  I highly recommend Fashion Whisperer to everyone!


Business Owner, Sydney

Working with Dina through her 3 Step Savvy Styling system was a lot of fun. Adding to my wardrobe has provided me with confidence in presenting myself in a business environment and in sending the right message.

Dina’s love of her work is evident and she throws herself into the process with enthusiasm, passion and energy. She is very nurturing and supportive and uses her expertise to guide and instruct without offering any comments that could offend.

The tools and reports that Dina has developed are useful for future reference.

I would recommend Dina’s 3 Step Savvy Styling to any woman who has opened her wardrobe in the morning and thought ‘I have nothing to wear’. Dina will help you unclutter your wardrobe and rediscover and reinvigorate many of your most loved items, supplementing them through the shopping step.

Dina is truly a Fashion Whisperer.


Business Owner, Sydney
Dina has a great eye for style and colour, which she generously shares. I really appreciated Dina’s review of my wardrobe and her ability to identify how I could mix my existing clothes, shoes and bags to create whole new outfits. She identified gaps in my wardrobe, which she helped me to fill during our shopping expedition. She also does a lot of research, so when we went shopping she knew in advance where we needed to go. Dina encouraged me to try clothing and shoes a little outside my normal range of styles, which has opened up a whole new world of outfits for me.